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>> in the news this saturday morning the california man who made that movie that sparked deadly protests across the middle east gets a visit from federal agents. and cleaning up the world. we will tell you how you can control tier today right here in the bay area. good morning, everyone, i'm terry mcsweeney. is it going to be a good day for a cleanup for for whatever else you have in mind? let's check in with meet gist lisa argen. >> good morning. we have fog at our coast along the bay. concord and livermore are clear this morning but we will look for more fog over the bay. if you head on out, temperatures are in the 50s. by noontime we will with without the fog. mostly sunny conditions with 60s at the coast, upper 70s around the bay. but by the afternoon we will
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reach in the upper 80s to lower 90s. and we will have sunshine and about 60 at our coast. cooling off with more low clouds and fog by the bay this evening. so the pattern remains pretty much unchanged, although tomorrow we are talking about some subtle changes in the forecast. i'll let you know about those in a few minutes. >> look forward to it, lisa. thanks very much. new this morning, one of the largest volunteer efforts in the world take place today and here in the bay area this morning thousands of volunteers are expected to hit beaches, shore lines and inland waterways for the state's 28th annual coastal cleanup day. put on gloves and pick up trash, debris and other discarded junk that paw let's our beautiful coastline and rivers. in fact, more than 100 countries will take part in an international effort. it is spread worldwide with 9 million pounds ever garbage picked up last year. our coastal commission said more than 1.3 million pounds of trash was picked up right here in california. volunteers are needed at dozens
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of locations starting at 9:00 this morning in. in oakland, head to lake merit. in san jose at the guadalupe visitors center. richmond, head to the shoreline at peninsula drive and marina bay parkway. many more local events are posted on the california coastal commission's website. also new this morning, today is the first search for missing teenager leer lamar since the search was cutback to saturdays only. it has been six months since she was last home leaving her home in march going to school. a person was arrested for her murder based on dna evidence found in her car, but there's no sign of sierra. volunteers are asked to report to the find sierra research center between 8 and 9:00 this morning. the death of a teenagener
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peru has shaken his former classmates at a high school. they are posting memories of 18-year-old kyle nolan. he graduated last year and set out by himself to south america. authorities say he died consuming a hallucinogenic drink during a ritual and was buried in the jungle. abc7 news reporter has a report on his tragic search. >> when he didn't return home his mother and sister went to find him. >> no one was seen from him, no one was heard from him. he hasn't left peru according to immigration and it's like he's van everybodied. there's no sign of him anywhere. >> peruvian police say one person has been arrested after confessing to burying him. two others have also been taken into custody accused of helping him dispose of the body in the jungle. he led authorities to the body and said he died after exceeding the dosage of the medicinal
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plant. according to the "press democrat" his parents knew he was going to peru to take care of the ritual. the brew made from a south american vine is used by am zonian indian people as a way to heal people. back in in here worked of his death spread quickly. myers is a student from the same school. he found out about his death through social media. >> his parents posted it. there was a post on facebook. >> he said everyone is talking about what happened to nolan, even in school. >> we talked about it in class today. some of the teachers had him. yeah, a lot of people were sad about that. >> abc7 news. developing news, the southern california man tied to the anti-islamic movie that's led to middle east protests got a visit from probation officers
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yesterday. this is the home where the 55-year-old man has been hiding out with his family. he voluntarily win by squad car to a substation for police where he answered questions. officers did the questioning because he has a conviction for financial crimes. his film was partially shot in newhall, north of downtown l.a. the bodies of the four americans who died to the violence sparked by that movie are back on american soil this morning. ambassador chris stevens of piedmont are among those killed at the attack on the embassy in benghazi, libya. >> a military procession escorted their coffins to ceremony at saint an degrees military base in maryland. president obama called the 52-year-old stevens everything america could want as an ambassador. hillary clinton new him
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personally. >> during the revolution in libya he risked his life to help protect the will bean people from a tyrant, and he gave his life helping them build a better country. >> after yesterday's ceremonies, the bodies were sent to a military mortuary in delaware. plans for christopher stevens's funeral are pending. this morning our media partner san jose news said a caltrain operator smoked marijuana before a near disaster. passengers jumped for their lives as a speeding train came down on them at 75 miles an hour. the passengers were legally crossing the tracks when the train going on the opposite track almost hit them. it was a close call but no one was hurt. the engineer who was stopped at the station tested positive for pot after 9 incident and both engineers should have been in radio contact. they are on paid administrative lead spend pending the results
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of an investigation. and fires will resume battling a brush fire as soon as the sun comes up after appearing to get the upper hand last night. this is in los angeles east of interstate 405 in the hills above a pass near the getty center art museum. two aircraft known at super scooper dropped water on the planes last night. the fire broke out about 3:30 yesterday afternoon and moved up hill toward a cul-de-sac in bellaire. no homes have been damaged. the fire has charred about 70 acres so far and is 40% contained. we are learning more about the man under arrest in connection with the death of a 29-year-old woman whose body was found in san benito county last week. 69-year-old laura jones ever monterey is in custody down in southern california. he's a professor of the graduate school in monterey. the victim's ex-husband, she was still living with him. her body was left in a wooded hear in san benito county. officers executed a search warrant and determined she had
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been killed at her home before her body was transported. a gritty oakland neighborhood plagued by cross statutes is celebrating the closing of two motels link today the sex trade. neighbors in the area are forming a new partnership with the police. neighbors living around international boulevard around lake merry gathered in solidarity to renew their commitment to keep hookers off the street. first they got the city to shut down the national lodge hotel. now they will send the police license plate numbers of johns cruising for prostitutes and the police will send them a warning learning prostitution is illegal. >> right now i'm mostly concerned about the rights of the people in this neighborhood to walk their children to school in a safe environment where you don't have so see a 50-year-old man picking up a 15-year-old girl every day. >> oakland's letters to johnson begins october 1st. coming up, the south bay clerk when was robbed and killed
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute.
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verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. police are still trying to track down robbers who shot and killed a clerk during a 7-eleven robbery last weekend. people came out to remember a man they only new at mo. nick smith reports. >> they take a life and try to destroy us. but it's just brought us closer together. >> a vigil for the 7-eleven clerk who was robbed and killed last saturday brought out people from all over milpitas. >> these people here tonight come together as a community,
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not as a lynch mob. >> many holding candles said they only knew the man they called mo in passing but it hit close to home and felt a need to bring those responsible to justice. >> come up and turn yourself in. don't be hunted down by a dog. that doesn't make you a man, it makes you a coward. >> mo was killed by three armed gunmen inside this store, only two blocks from the milpitas police station. organizers posted details about the vigil on social media and suspect photographs were blown up and passed out. diana has lived here most of her life. this is her first vigil and she wants it to be her last. >> people would just rather kill somebody or knock an old lady or man down and rob them, and it just can't go on. it can't. >> police are actively investigating the homicide. they have not released any other details beyond the suspect's photo. but those gathered are hoping that an arrest is made soon. >> if you are man enough to do
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it, be man enough to admit it. >> there's a $10,000 reward being offered for information lead to go the arrest and conviction of those responsible. for more information you can go to our website at in milpitas, nick smith, abc7 news. new this morning the battle against west nile virus recrimes in santa clara county with pesticides praying in a section of san jose. at 11:00 tonight the patrol will be ground fogging in the area. the fogging kills mosquito these can kill the disease and spread it to humans. two great white sharks have been spotted off the coast of santa cruz county. yesterday the research foundation took these photos during an aerial patrol of the area. this shark, 12 to 1 feet long, was spotted near a ship at research beach a one point he got so close to the marina, you
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could touch it. no reports of anyone trying to do it. very wise. the other one was larger, about 16 feet stocking dolphins off the beach. and the first sea otter to survive the oil soaking has given birth to the puck. olive, the oiled otter, was spotted recently swimming on her back with her up resting on her belly. three years ago a different story. olive was rescued near santa cruz covered in tar and near death. she got her name when fish and game veterinarians bathed her in olive oil to loosen the tar from her fur. >> she's showing seens she's an attentive mother, she's staying close to her pup and nursing it. that's a good sign at this point. >>al live was cleaned up and released back into the wild with a microchip and a transmitter. veterinarians discovered she was pregnant when she came in for a check this summer. we want to thank all of you who have been part of the abc7
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news foster kids dream campaign. the response was so overwhelming they almost ran out of warehouse space. that's a good problem to have. now it's time to give it all away. people will stop by the dream store and pick out everything they need. >> if i can say it without crying, just thank you. you know, it may seem like it's just a pair of shoes or a new coat or even a backpack with school supplies, but to our kids it's something that belongs to them. that's something that we can't replace. wow. thanks for your generosity. hundreds of foster children are going to be receiving new clothes, new shoes and backpacks filled with school supplies. so thank you again, bay area! you have come through again! lisa argen is here now. earlier we were talking about the big cleanup all over the bay area. and they would like some nice warm weather, not too hot. can you help them out? >> yeah, not too hot, not too
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cool. we have that. but we also have plenty of clouds over the bay this morning. everybody is cloudy except for concord and livermore right now. plenty ever low clouds in emeryville and visibility reduced up in the upper coast. the north bay reduced to a quarter mile. we have to clear that first and then i will be back to tell you about the temperatures coming up. >> little next, fighting for the wildcard. the a's open an important series with the walt more orioles, who were -- baltimore orioles, who were seeing
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>> we are looking at a live picture of the toll plaza at the golden gate bridge. as usual, as expected, not much traffic. and as usual, as expected, it's dark at 5:19:00 in the morning. lisa argen is here to tell us about when the sun does come up and what it's going to be like around there and here and everywhere else around the bay area. >> 6:52 is the sunrise. the last full week of summer we have for you. the equinox next saturday morning. >> we can celebrate that. >> sure. let's do it. it's starting to feel more like fall, though. later sunrise and longer nights. as head outside with the roof camera, you can't see the clouds
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here but they have moved all around the bay with three quarter mile visibility in the north bay. we talked about the sun coming up 6:52 and setting 7:17. just twelve hours, twenty-four minutes of date. we will look for almost that equal amount of daylight and darkness over the next week as fall arrives. the low clouds and fog are banked up along the coast. you can see them moving into the east bay, the south bay, and the visibility has been reduced so be careful out there. we are looking at still right now clear conditions, concord and livermore, but a southwest wind gusting to 24 miles an hour up by the delta, allowing for kind of a brisk start there with 52 in the city, 55 in livermore right now. and it's down to 50 in napa. so before long we will see some upper 40s. temperatures drop another degree or two before sunrise. so a cool start, but then we will look for warm conditions today. that will allow for a pretty nice afternoon with numbers just
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about 90. but the cooler pattern, it does begin tomorrow into tuesday. we are just talking about modest cooling. not much. in fact, maybe two to four degrees but you will notice the fog and low clouds really not going very far away. so if you have been cool at our coast, once again, it's going to stay that way today, but tomorrow that john flow shore kicks up. here we are at 9:00 in the morning. notice we get the sun along the coast and numbers pretty much in the 70s and 80s around the bay. you have to go pretty far out to get the 90s, where we will have the warm weather around the tri-valley. but really a pretty nice day. something all across the bay for everyone. our satellite, our water vapor imagery shows we have the big ridge of high pressure to the east of us. a trough is developing. really, we have been under the influence of this draw so we haven't been getting too warm. but by tomorrow we will see it begin to get a little closer and that will allow for our on shore flow to bring the numbers down anywhere from two to four
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degrees tomorrow. a little bit of a cooling trend. temperatures below the average come tomorrow into tuesday. still pretty nice out there. but if you are hoping for the warm weather, warmer weather, looks like the week ahead, the beginning of the week, will offer some cooler weather. today the warmer high of the weekend will be in the upper 80s in concord. 9 in fremont with low 90s for livermore. 72 san mateo, 63 per gallon coast. should be sunny there. mid-60s monterey. you were in the upper 50s yesterday along the shoreline. a little sun and definitely warmer out there at the coast. enjoy it if you are doing the coastal cleanup. the fog will be back in later on with temperatures starting out in the 60s and then dropping off into the upper 50s. kind of cool there. notice the dip in the temperatures. a little bit tomorrow, more so monday and tuesday and then we warm back up by the end of the week. so pretty quiet, pretty nice out there, but we kind of expect that around here, right?
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>> a gradual transition into fall. >> yes. >> all right. thanks a lot. >> don't judge a detroit lions fan by his colors tomorrow at candlestick park or any other fans. in order to not repeat violence like this, plane clothes police are going to be patrolling the stick, some dressed in niner gear, others dressed as other fans. they will be looking for rowdy folks. in a few hours cal blades at the horseshoe against the number 12 ohio state buckeyes. you can see it here on abc7. last night there was an important series against the baltimore orioles. here's sports. >> good morning. a's and orioles, both contenders. on fireworks night, star wars night, the force has been with the a's all season long. it doesn't get cuter than this. look at yoda! he's down 1-0 in the fourth.
5:24 am
and cespedes hurt his wrist a couple days ago. looks good here. 2-1, athletics. malone solid all season. chris davis takes it deep to center field. just gone! 24th of the year for davis. tied at 2. a's regain the lead in the bottom half of the fifth. 3-2 a's after that homer. 4 double plays including this one in the seventh. >> the 6-4-3 double play, and more defense to end the games. derek norris us guns down xavier trying to steal. a sellout crowd on fireworks night. a's win, 3-2. giants and d-backs. not the best way to try to get a foul ball, although he got it. matt cain, uncain like. two strikeouts and five walks. three came in the first. lasted only five innings. labored. but hunter pence, bases loaded in the third.
5:25 am
grand slam. the third of his career, 5-0, giants. they get out of a bases - loaded no-out jam in the fifth. affeldt gets him swinging. giants adding a run in the eighth by santiago casilla, the relief pitcher, who never gets any at-bats, rbi single. all going the giants way, they win 6-2. can you just imagine 49ers coach jim harbaugh and the lions coach schwartz meeting at midfield and exchanges a warm, friendly hug? me neither. and they said this whole handshake business is completely irrelevant, but for some compelling reason we leak to talk about it. last year the niners beat them. and there was almost a fight. the handshake is still a hot topic. >> i've seen him a bunch of times since. there's a bunch of nfl things that, you know, that go on after the season.
5:26 am
so when two teams take the field, there's only one thing on your mind and that's all that's important. >> the hand shake, you got sidetracked without incident? >> without incident. >> the coral football team has a huge task. go to columbus and try to knock off ohio state. he is kind of shaky in two games this year. 16 point underdogs. trying to contain this guy, braxton miller. while many see doom here. some see opportunity. >> fired up for it. fired up to go to columbus. you know, playing in that, you know, huge crowd and all the tradition nats there. it's a great opportunity, a great experience for the kids. i'm fired up about it. >> we will have the cal-ohio state game for you right here, 9:00 amarista kickoff on abc7. all the highlights in the evening. 8:30 in the evening, lexus after the game. have a great weekend.
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i'm larry beil. coming up next, federal probation officers interview a southern california film maker linked to an anti-islamic movie that's sparking protest across the middle east. and we are going to talk about whether the fill many should be taken off youtube. and the space shuttle endeavor ready for a cross-country pig giardo back fly that will include a
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> topping our news this half-hour, developing news. this morning president obama is commenting on the constitutional rights of a southern california film maker linked to the anti-us luck i am movie. his film has been sending pro tests around the world, some deadly. yesterday federal probation officers interviewed the 52-year-old man shown in a l.a. times photo. he's been hiding out with his family. his lawyer said he voluntarily win with law enforcement officers and answered their questions. investigators are looking into his activities since he was convicted of financial crime. his film was partially shot just north of downtown l.a. his company, media for christ, all locked up this morning. in his weekly addressed president obama denounced the attacks on americans overseas and defended the film makers religious freedom despite the worldwide violence had has triggered. >> i made it clear that the
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united states has a profound respect of people of all faiths. we stand for religious freedom. and we reject the denigrate of any religion, including islam. but there is never any justification for violence. there's no excuse for attacks on our embassies and consul last couple. so long as i am commander in chief, the united states will never tolerate efforts to harm our fellow americans. this morning anti-american protests continue to spread across the globe. demonstrations are being held in some 30 countries. at least four people have been killed so far in the chaos. u.s. troops are on their way to secure embassies in sudan, yemen and libya. given the extreme circumstances, one question remains, should youtube pull the offensive clip electric its website. we have lore on the debate. >> with muslims arriving and two more embassies under siege, all
5:32 am
due to the youtube video. it is sparked killings and both reactions in middle east and northern california. this man is with california's youth for change. >> it was change full, disrespectful and outrageous that something like this would be put out to represent any people. >> he viewed the video recently and said he agrees with the muslim argument for taking it off the web, but disagrees with the violent reaction it sparked. >> what they did caused more harm to islam. as a muslim i know it's -- it's in the core that you do not harm anybody. >> freedom of speech is at the crux of the argument whether it should be sensored. the white house called is reprehensible and then we reached out to youtube to call the video to their attention and asked them to review when it violates their terms of use. >> when the white house calls
5:33 am
you up, it sends a message has a chilling effect. >> she's a coordinator for san francisco's frontier foundation. she sad google has blocked it in many countries but the idea the us might consider sensorring it would be problematic. >> they would have to demonstrate that the message of the video was illegal in the some way and the first amendment is a strong stumbling block to that. >> google responded they have restrict it had to comply with local laws. we restricted access to it in countries where it is illegal such as india and indonesia and libya and egypt given the sensitive situation in those countries. >> the man who made the anti-muslim video is a felon who is banned from using computers or the internet as part of his sentence. probation department is reviewing whether he vialed the terms of his five year probation. in the newsroom, abc7 news.
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two u.s. marines are dead after a sustained attack in afghanistan. they were killed after an assault on camp bastion in mel manned province. five other marines are allegedly wounded in the assault. and that's the base where england's prince harry is stationed right now as a helicopter pilot. the attack may have been targeting him. the taliban did issue a statement saying they were going to try to kidnap or kill him. the prince was on the base yesterday, but was not injured. today prince harry is celebrating his 28th birthday. things could be a about bit more hectic than usual at sfo for the next few weekends. one of the main runways is closed for repair until monday morning. same for the next two weekends. they will be installing new lights as part of a federally mandated safety upgrades. the number of flights on those weekends will be reduced from 60 per hour to 30. that's a big deal. final preparations are underway for the space shuttle
5:35 am
endeavour's final voyage that will take it over the bay area on his way to los angeles. yesterday it was mounted atop a boeing 747 at the kennedy space center. it is going to depart on monday. now thursday, thursday it will make its way over the bay area. endeavour will do a low-level fly over above mountain field where the heat shields were developed, lockheed developed them. the schultz will -- the shuttle will go over san francisco and go over the golden gate bridge. look up. and desperate efforts to save the life of a two-year-old boy about leukemia and how you can help. right now a live look outside. lisa will be along shortly to let us know exactly when this overcast near the coast is going to get out of town, if it's going to get out of town. temperatures today for the big coastal cleanup and inland cleanup, too. we will have it for you in just
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>> good morning, everybody. looking at the ferry building. the wind is blowing. i wouldn't say blowing, breezing is more like it. we have a nice day on the day and it's going to be a great day for whatever it is you've got in mine. if you don't like it warm, you can have it cool, you can have it in between. lisa has all those numbers for you in just a couple minutes. in san francisco there are two more opportunities today to help save a bay area toddler's life. i reported this story earlier this week. that's two-year-old jeremy conn of san francisco. he has a very rare form of lou keep ma. he needs a bone marrow transplant before undergoing a third round of chemotherapy scheduled for november. so there's not a lot of time here. right now there are no matches
5:39 am
nor jeremy in the current national bone marrow donor registry. bone marrow drives like this one at san jose state have been taking place to find a match and they are still looking. it's most likely going to come from an asian donor but asians mac up less than 1% of those on the registry. his aunt is hoping people will set aside all superstitions, come out and see if you can help. today's bone marrow drives begins at 10:00. one is at the international dragon boast festival on treasure island. another at the china town ymca on sacramento street. three more drives will be held tomorrow. as they say, jeremy needs you. the san mateo bridge will be closed for two week ends in october as crews replace bridge decks and fix a cracked beam. the bridge will be shutting down from 10:00 p.m. friday 5:00 in the morning on the weekend of october 19th and the 26th.
5:40 am
the cracked beam was retrofitted in 2000. it was found during a routine inspection in 2010. crews installed steal plates but only as a temporary plate. the permanent fix will cost about $3 million and that will come from toll funds. a san francisco muni passenger left his briefcase on the bus but he got it back and everything was still inside. now he wants to personally thank the driver who took time to do a really nice thing. we have more. >> about four seconds after i got off the bus, and it just started away. there was no catching it. >> michael realized as soon as he stepped off the 27 last thursday he accidentally left his briefcase on the muni bus. >> my laptop, my wallet, credit cards, checkbook, medication. >> and his platinum ring and bracelet and the 14 diamondbacks that decorate them. >> and i just gotten a couple weeks ago a thank youler from mr. and mrs. obama for one of my
5:41 am
painings that now hangs at the white house. that was unreplaceable. >> he called the police and filed a report for his valuables, but resigned himself to the fact that he would never see them again. then, just five days later he got a call from muni's lost and found. they had his bag with everything inside, even the jewelry. >> i went, oh, amazing! such honesty. that driver deserves a reward. if i weren't broke, i would give her cash. >> the spokesperson, paul rhodes, con if he remembers the lost and found case but tells me muni is still working to determine exactly who that good samaritan driver is. >> it's not uncommon for an operator to go an extra mile and to show an act of kindness. a lot of times the perception is the other way. for this type of story to come out, for an operator like this, it's a good thing and we to would like to give that operator credit. >> as he waits, other muni
5:42 am
drivers like san francisco residence jill brenner are given hope that his good fortune may some day turn into theirs. >> it's awesome to see that kind of community in san francisco. >> i would hope that that would happen in my case, as well. >> muni spokesman paul rhodes told me they did finally identify the driver. the problem is she was driving all day and they couldn't let her know that she is in fact the good samaritan driver. once they get a hold of her, they will initiate a reunion. abc7 news. lisa argen with your weekend forecast. we have some overcast now. not exactly unusual around here but bright skies in our future. >> yeah, and from this shot there's a little hole over san francisco. >> we are peeking through. >> we are. most of the bay is cloudy except our inland valleys. also north and south of the city. so the 1200-foot marine layer causing a little bit of dense fog out there, i'll have the details and talk about the clearing coming up. >> all right.
5:43 am
also ahead, hollywood down on the farm. movie star vince vaughn and owen wilson shoot scenes at stanford university for an upcoming film. >> living on a budget doesn't mean you have to give up on all the fun. i'm michael finney. later on 7 on your side, three tips to put you on the road to fun and financial secu
5:44 am
4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
5:45 am
>> "finding nemo 3d "is playing in movie theaters this weekend. but giving the oscar the special effects was no easy task. they spent nine months converting files from an antiquated computer program, then they had to go through the
5:46 am
movie frame by frame to decide which parts were best for 3d. majestic underwater scenes that were so special proved to be difficult. >> when they made the movie they added specks clothing in the area. we would set the 3d for the characters and we found the specs were in our face. we took out the individual specs and rescaled them and push them back. >> it took pixar 18 months to redo finding nemo. so much work went into it, some called it a refilming of the classic. a welcome distraction for stanford students yesterday as a film crew took over part of the campus for an upcoming comedy starring vince vaughn and owen wilson. we were there with the star-struck students. >> there's music in the air. >> a shout. ♪ >> the last time they were together on the big screen was
5:47 am
in "the wedding crashers." but lately vince vaughn and owen wilson have been showing up again on college campuses. >> it's owen wilson, oh, my god! owen wilson! >> here they are walking with the notre dame football team, and the duo was recently spotted at georgia tech filming screens for the upcoming movie "the interns." now they are becoming for scenes for the movie at stanford. >> a lost times it will say stanford but it won't be stanford so it's cool to see them do it at stanford. >> a professor had a front row seat from his office window and tweeted this photo of vaughn and wilson shooting a dialogue scene with a sound guy off to the side. they play two unemployed 40-somethings to come here in hopes of landing a coveted internship at google. their characters try hard not to stand out but in real life they can't exactly help it.
5:48 am
>> star struck a little? >> oh, yeah. openfully i will see owen wilson. he will have to eat lunch at some team. >> it was cool. i waved when he was talking around the set and he waved back so that was exciting. >> i like owen with i will son. i think his nose is predominant and funny and crooked, in a good way. >> if you ran into him, what would you do? >> i would say hi, i love your hair and you are awesome. >> if you didn't catch a gleams of it here at stanford, don't worry. rumor has it they will be filming around san francisco over the weekend. abc7 news. now the question becomes is it going to be a good weekend for filming in san francisco? we just heard from johnathan there. >> i thought you were going to ask about the game tonight. the big football game. >> let's talk about the game tonight. you grab the conversation. >> thank you. we do have fog in the peninsula all around the bay this morning. it will take about 10:00, 11:00 for that to clear. here's the roof camera. the low clouds and fog have
5:49 am
really overspread much of the bay. with the marine layer at about 1200 feet, coastal cleanup will be affected throughout the morning hours. it will be cool around richmond, san leandro, just about everywhere until we see things brighten up later on this morning. live doppler 7hd does confirm the low clouds and fog not only along the shoreline, but certainly pushing across the bay here. parts of our east bay. but in the north bay, three quarter mile visibility santa rosa. we have low clouds and fog all the way down here. so kind of socked in this morning but it is a shallow layer. we will be looking at the clearing by midmorning. 50 in napa. next hour probably in the upper 40s. mid-50s in oakland. we are talking about upper 50s out by the delta with the southwest wind up to 24 miles an hour. you have the breeze going this morning but the question is does it last? upper 50s right now in
5:50 am
san jose. we have the fog at the coast around the bay this morning. once again the wide range of temperatures from the upper 50s here to the -- just about 90-degree reading in our inland valleys. but cooler temperatures are on the horizon for tomorrow. here's the way it's going to play out throughout the morning hours. notice throughout much of the 7:00, 8:00 hour we still have the fog. 10:00 it clears pretty much everywhere. still hanging along the san mateo coast. the marin county coastline. so it's about 11:00 there but we will get the 60s by the afternoon and 70s across the bay. about 71 in oakland it had with upper 80s and a few 90s. so mild to warm once again. the changes really come in tomorrow, the second half of the weekend. so we have the big ridge to the east of us. we are in between systems again with the upper level low that's been sitting out in the pacific. and it gets a little closer. the marine layer ramps up a bit. we will see the winds kick up and that will provide
5:51 am
temperatures coming down two to four degrees for the second half of the weekend right in through tuesday. and that really is a little bit below normal for this time of year. but they have a heat wave going in southern california. 100 degrees today in los angeles with 103 in fresno. so they would love a little bit of that low cloudiness. 82 in campbell. numbers in the low 80s. around average for the south bay. 77 palo alto toe. notice the fog hangs back here today. san francisco, 65. plenty of things going on here in the north bay. we will look for numbers ranging from the upper 70s petaluma to the low 80s. the mill valley has a festival. near east bay, talking 71 in oakland and the a's game later on tonight. upper 80s to low 90s here. the warmer day of the weekend definitely today. renaissance fair in monterey and we are looking at temperatures pretty much cooperating today. a little cooler tomorrow through midweek and then we warm up again.
5:52 am
very quiet the last full week of summer. >> and the big arts festival that you mentioned. thanks a lot. no one has to tell you the bay area is an expensive place to live but there are tricks to make the city a little more affordable. michael finney shares a few with us. >> i'm coming off of summer which i think like a lot of people there's a bit of a spending hangover. >> that's katie. she's the author of two smart cookies books offering financial advice. she says many of us have spent a lot of money on summer trips and vacations and more recently on back to school expenses. >> and you are starting to add up the bills and realize how expensive things have been. >> katie said she was drowning in debt until she figured it all out. here's her top three money saving tips. number one, know what you are spending. >> it's really easy to say, oh, i don't even want to know what i'm spending. you need to know. >> two, set aside some money each month for savings or bringing down your debt. >> make it automatic. >> and finally, get things for
5:53 am
free. and try to make things yourself. >> you can have a really rich life without spending very much money at all. >> one free week of yoga classes are being offered in october at 2200 studios nationwide. it's a great chance to relax and perhaps try something new. >> it's great for getting more grounded and more centered. and i think that it really benefits your family and your boss and makes you more productive. >> it's all part of national yoga month. >> i had an awesome class, a great workout. i mean, that would add up to probably over $100 in a week. so something great to try out. >> the dragon festival is this weekend at treasure island. the event includes free races plus family activities for the kids. beginning september 28th, san francisco's mint plaza and united nations plaza will be buzzing with 24 days of free performances.
5:54 am
it's part of 24 days of central market art. among the highlights, members of san francisco's fly away productions. >> they are an amazing company. they specialize in doing work on the sides of buildings. they will actually be being a whole ballet on the front of the runmar hotel. >> her website also features many free things, as well as free financial advice. you can find a link to everything we mentioned in this story on i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. coming up next, a malteas
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> a solid gold jewellen crusted maltese eagle has landed in san francisco. eagle, formerly known as the golden eagle, is worth $5 million and arrived under armed police guard yesterday and is now on display at the home of the maltese natural can, john's grill. the maltese eagle owner plans to sell the statue and donate $1 million from the sale to breast cancer charity. you can view it today from two to three p.m. and tomorrow from 2:30 to 4 could 30 at john's grill. >> next at six, a journey to
5:58 am
peru goes horribly wrong and people come together to remember the man gunned down at the first homicide of the year in milpitas.
5:59 am

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